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A national camp activity for all young players. Floorball Talent brings a great amount of players together from all over Finland to develop and show their skills.

The activity consists of three sets:

ALUELEIRIT - Regional camps organized on winter vacation all over Finland. Alueleirit gather together motivated and enthusiastic players. The event is the first step towards the All-Stars Tournament. Alueleirit are available for all players. Head coaches of Floorball Talent build up the camp groups. In 2017 over 1200 applicants.

TALENTTILEIRIT - A highlight of the summer and have been organized for the top players of the age groups since 2005. The target group is the talented and goal-oriented players of every age groups. Camps are held for girls and boys of 13 to 16 years old. Most of the players will be chosen from Alueleirit. There were approximately 700 players in 2017 in the camps. The oldest age group did Talent trip to Sweden.

activity & values

We feel that each individual must have the opportunity to develop himself versatilely over the team boundaries. We offer this to all passionate juniors. Our mission is to create a framework for young people to realize themselves as athletes and inspiration in an inspiring community.

Our values are Individual, Community, Experiences, Quality & Success.